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Relaxing Gift Box

Relaxing Gift Box

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Our relaxing gift box is a curated set for serene moments. Unwind with the calming glow of our beeswax candle. Handcrafted for tranquility, it fills a small space with the soothing lavender aroma. Enjoy an evening escape with our relaxing lavender bath soak. Simply soak for about 20 minutes in our blend of epsom and dead sea mineral salts. Afterwards enhance sleep with our lavender sleep spray. Its comforting scent promotes restful nights. Simply spritz on your pillow and relax. 

Presented in an elegant box, it's perfect for self-care or thoughtful gifting. Embrace relaxation and tranquility with our lavender-infused treasures.

Each gift box includes our Relaxing Lavender Beeswax Candle, Lavender Sleep Spray, and a Relaxing Lavender Bath Soak. 

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