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Bath Soak Gift Box

Bath Soak Gift Box

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Our bath soak gift box, a curated collection for ultimate relaxation, is a great option for yourself or to gift to a friend or co-worker.

Each glass test tube holds an enchanting scent, offering a delightful variety for your bathing pleasure.

Experience relaxing lavender bath soak, soothing your senses and promoting serenity. Energize with the invigorating mood booster blend bath soak, leaving you refreshed and uplifted. Immerse yourself in the captivating rose soak, rejuvenating your skin and nourishing your soul. Feel revitalized with the exotic allure of the cleansing blend soak, clearing your mind and refreshing your body.

Presented in an elegant gift box, it's perfect for pampering or gifting. Transform your bath into a luxurious escape with these scents that resonate with you. 

Each gift box includes all four of our bath soaks; relaxing, cleansing blend, rose, and mood booster. A great way to find all your favorites!

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